About Hlen...

Hlen Villena is a speech and communications consultant and a musical theater director. She has been involved in teaching English as a foreign language and is particularly active as a trainer for TESOL London. Her training programs include Train the Trainer – Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, the Unboxing Writing Series and Musical Theater.

Hlen was formerly a head teacher, lecturer and program director in government and private training institutions. Presently, she maintains and runs the virtual UPskills courses, Victorious Homeschool Support, and her musical theater program. She is likewise a language consultant of Language Center Inc. based in Ortigas, Pasig.

Hlen employs an exciting, modern teaching style to oral and written communications training as she applies the best practices in language acquisition as well as techniques taken from the world of theater and adapts them in the corporate or academic setting. Her training approach is spiritually-formative, character-focused and skills-centered. She specializes in helping individuals improve personality, communication and presenting skills to help them project a professional, confident, yet engaging image.