Speech and Public Speaking

The art of speaking is the art of communicating. Contrary to what most people think, public speaking is not just confined to the stage. Whenever or wherever you have "an audience" whether it is for a few or a couple of people, you are actually on "spotlight" and expected to articulate your thoughts well. You are often called upon to “say something” and often, you might not know what to say or talk about, or ramble without making a point, or simply be confusing to listen to. These courses are designed to help you.

By the end of the courses, you should be able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking, create logical and persuasive speeches and use techniques to develop natural presentations, and perform speeches with dynamic voice, movement and gestures. The model that we will learn is useful for class presentations, webinar classes, and interviews.


Preparing and Organizing


Delivering and Performing