There are two study options: STANDARD and ADVANTAGE


The usual STANDARD Curriculum is Open/Flexible and allows parents to choose whatever learning materials and resources they prefer. A flexible Quarterly Guide of Topics and free reference eBooks for Math, Science, and English as well as extensive reading books are provided upon enrollment. We correlate with DepEd’s Major and minor subjects, but additional topics such as Bible lessons and Coding/Programming may be added or integrated. 

Volt in sessions that include MAPEH, Character Education, and HELE/TLE classes as well as Student Club-led meetings are provided once a week. Daily happenings and discussions in the family may be used for grading TLE/HELE, MAPEH and even aspects of Language, Science and Math. You can integrate learning (and grading) in activities like gardening, exercising, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, managing, and watching How-to videos. 


We understand that homeschooling can be challenging for first-timers and busy parents. To lessen the overwhelm, we offer the ADVANTAGE Curriculum that gives Supportive Components in academic studies. It includes ALL the features of the STANDARD Curriculum, plus the following:

     + supportive original and curated learning videos of the quarterly lessons with accompanying worksheets/workbooks

     + study booklets of the 5 major subjects with quarterly quizzes and quarterly exams

     + online academic tutorial sessions with Teacher Hlen and other teachers

In both options, the Parent Teacher remains the primary guide and facilitator, and the sole provider of grades. We do not require purchase of specific textbooks. For the STANDARD OPTION, you may use any curriculum, resources or equivalent textbooks from any shop. Some experienced homeschoolers use free resources online and second-hand textbooks (yes, even with writings).