Fees and Payment
A. We require cash or direct deposit to our official accounts for the One-time and Two-time payment schemes.
B. Five-time payment scheme requires one(1) cash or direct deposit for Down Payment and four (4) PDCs (Post-Dated Checks).
C. Check payment is considered official and confirmed only after bank clearance.

Registration and Withdrawal
A. Your registration is a commitment to enroll your child in Victorious Homeschool for the entire school year.
B. It is assumed that you have completed all details, including payment, of your child's previous level and will comply with the documentary requirements for this
school year's enrollment to Victorious Homeschool.
C. Transfer or withdrawal of enrollment should be made in writing and will be charged according to the Refund Policy based on Art. XIII Sec. 66 of the Manual
of Regulations for Private Schools.
Within one week of registration: 90% Refund
Within two weeks of registration: 80% Refund
Two weeks after registration: 0% Refund

School Documents
Documents such as SF9/F138 Report Card, SF10/F137 Transcript of Records and Certificates will be released when account is fully paid accordingly, within ten
(10) working days upon the date of request. (All requests should be in writing.)

School ID
Your child's ID will not be generated and printed if you fail to attach/submit an ID Picture in the online registration. Please input correct name of your child and
home address as the ID will be shipped to you at your own cost. The same is applied to documents, awards and certificates that will be sent to you

Additional Details

Because of the pandemic, we have issued uniform lowered fees for the school year 2020-2021.  

For this school year 2021-2022, all high school students who are ESC recipients will enjoy the same lowered fees. 

Grade 8-12 who are NOT ESC recipients will pay an additional Php3500.