FAQs about Homeschooling

FAQs about Homeschooling

What is home-based learning?
Home-based is a delivery mode of education where children learn outside of a school setting under the supervision of their parents and school teachers.  Parents have a wide range of educational resources available that can be used effectively with proper guidance from school teachers and advisers.

Is home-based education in the Philippines legal? Will my child have DepEd accreditation?

Yes. Home Study is legal in the Philippines. The Philippine Constitution, Article 14, Section 1(2) protects parental rights and states that the country will “establish and maintain a system of free public education in the elementary and high school levels without limiting the natural right of parents to rear their children…” Victorious provides records and other documents to its students that comply with DepEd requirements. This enables children to have a smooth transition into the conventional school system when it’s time for college, or if and when parents decide to enroll their child in any DepEd-accredited school.

What are the benefits of home-based education?

Parents opt to closely teach their children with teacher support because of various reasons. Many are choosing this option to provide safety from virus threats. Others  do it because of its affordability and educational benefits. It is also a reflection of the importance they place on being together as a family and a way to avoid the pressure to conform to norms not aligned with the family's belief system.

What are the challenges of home-based education?

For most families, the challenge is the feeling of inadequacy of teaching academics. Other challenges include boredom, restlessness, resistant learners, and so on… but nothing that cannot be overcome. With the right support and a whole lot of faith, it can be done victoriously.

What about socialization?

This is a difficult time (Quarantine Period) in terms of having live interactions, but under normal circumstances, students can be involved in a lot of social activities in and out of the home where they develop friendships with other children. They have social opportunities and learn to relate vertically with parents and adults, and horizontally with siblings, and friends.

How do I know if I am qualified to teach my child?

More than academic qualification, parents should have willingness to commit to educating their child. Most parents do not have a teaching degree, and yet are able to teach their children successfully. Teachers provide support as well. For subjects that pose a challenge to the parent-teacher, the services of a regular online or offline tutor can be acquired.

How early can I start home-based learning?

You may begin as early as 3 years old (Play and Learn) but the accredited Preschool year is Kindergarten, prior to Grade 1; the child must be 5 years old at the time of enrollment. For Grade 1, a child needs to be at least 6 years old. 

Does enrollment follow the conventional school calendar?

Enrollment is from March to September. Interested families can start homeschooling earlier or later than June.

Do you accept children with special needs?

We have an inclusive reference program to make sure their unique needs are identified and addressed by developmental pediatricians, counselors, psychologists and therapists, and still align with DepEd. 

What are the requirements to enroll?

  • Duly accomplished Registration Form with the student’s picture (1” x 1”)
  • Authenticated copy (photo image) of the birth certificate of student
  • Original copy of latest Report Card S-9 (Form 138) for Grades 1 – 12.

For other questions, you may contact us at FB Victorious Homeschool, or 09228840090, 0289525628.