College Homeschooling
Do you really need to WAIT after college to begin a career?

The reality in today’s world is that by the time many individuals graduate from college, many of the skills they learned have become either irrelevant or OUTDATED. 

We have heard of the challenges graduates face when they apply for jobs especially in digital-first industries, and the frustrations employers go through in finding the right people, managing them and their expectations, and developing their skills.

There is much that we need to RETHINK about regarding the current college education model. Tomorrow belongs to those who integrate education seamlessly with work, engaging in continuous learning cycles. 

In the future, success will NOT be determined by a degree alone but by potential and the capacity to learn, implement, and adapt.

Dear PARENTS, Senior High School Graduates, and College-Level students, join our webinar and discover a NEW way of earning education and WORK EXPERIENCE. And yes, in this one-of-a-kind industry-task-based, independent work-study college program, you can EARN up to $16k USD while you study and finish your college degree!  

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