Quarterly Learning Guide of Topics

As Parent-Teachers, it can be overwhelming to go through a curriculum guide with detailed information. The Quarterly Learning Guide of Topics is a simplified presentation of concepts to cover. Since you are homeschooling, you can use this flexibly, allowing you to spend less time on topics your child already knows or more time on challenging lessons.

E-Library of E-Books

For Preschool and Grade School, curated and created Study E-Books are thoughtfully provided. Grades 1-6 have E-Study Booklets that match the Learning Guide. For High Schoolers, the learning guide is also presented. Reference E-Books are likewise provided. These E-Books and resources may be used alongside the VOLT-In LMS. 

Editable/Customizable Quarterly Tests

Victorious Homeschool prioritizes learning over testing, home over school, but we provide sets of quarterly test questions that you can edit or customize based on topics you were able to cover and your child's readiness. These exams can also function as diagnostic, formative and summative tests.

Fillable Grading Form

One of the challenging aspects of homeschooling is grading, but we make it easy for you. The Fillable Grading Form in your E-Library/Google Classroom is easy to use. You just input scores and it auto-computes the grades for you.