What are the requirements to homeschool?

Based on the Revised Homeschool Policy starting this school year 2022-2023, parents who intend to homeschool fill out or submit the homeschooling forms which include the Letter of Intent and Agreement Form aside from the usual documentary requirements. You can find these forms conveniently attached in our Registration Form.  

What are the documentary requirements for enrollment?

1.Birth Certificate 2. SF9 Report Card/PEPT Result 3. LRN (if applicable) 4. SF10/F137 Transcript of Records or Authenticated School Records If from a foreign school (School to school transaction) 5. ID Picture (Go to Enrollment Steps and Requirements for details.)

Requirements are attached as scanned copies to the online registration form. Original documents are to be sent to the office/school within 2-3 months of enrollment.

What are your enrollment dates for school year 2023-2024?

We accept YEAR-ROUND enrollment. Transferees from other schools should have at least Q1-2 grades from originating school.  Homeschooling families follow flexible calendaring, but we proceed with our webinars, classes and events from August to May (variable). We follow DepEd's registration cycle. For SHS, we only offer ABM and GAS Strands for Grade 11-12. New Grade 12 students will have their previous strands converted to GAS.

Are there other fees aside from the complete tuition?

There are NO other fees required. We do not collect any fees for online testing or assessment as the Report Card or Progress Report is sufficient to show your child has successfully finished the previous level. OPTIONAL expenses you might have on top of the tuition are for the VOLT-IN LMS or Apps like BrainPOP. You may also use FREE learning resources from the DepEd and other websites such as and other similar sites.

Do you charge a different fee for differently-abled children?

Victorious Homeschool is an inclusive institution and we accept all children, and ALL children pay the SAME TUITION. Optional expenses you might have are for official diagnosis from a Developmental Pediatrician and the Flexible Learning Academic Goals (FLAG) + membership in the Good and Great Brains Community.

The specialized support of the FLAG Program includes the following details:

  • multiple grade level access to the VOLT-In LMS to address differentiated pacing and readiness
  • membership to the Good and Great Brains Community and Group Chat Support with SPED Consultants, Child Experts, and a Nutritionist for Specialized Diet
  • Membership cost has yet to be finalized but it will be on top of the enrollment and VOLT-In LMS fees.

Do you have installment plans?

We have the 2-Time, 5-Time and 7-Time payment schemes. There is NO sibling discount.

As the parent-teacher, what are my tasks and responsibilities?

Your primary task is to guide your child’s learning process. You may consult advisers or teachers via the Chat Group Neighborhoods, our FB pages, and our contact details. You are also encouraged to remain updated with announcements in the mentioned platforms and engage in the Volt in for Parents and monitor your child’s Volt In classes and activities.

What about grades and report cards?

As the parent-teacher or guardian, you are the sole provider of your child’s grades. We provide you with an editable grading form where you input scores (quizzes, performance tasks/projects, recitation/participation) for every quarter. You will submit quarterly grades in the Google Classroom. If using the VOLT-IN LMS, you can store scores of the built-in quizzes there.

There is a video tutorial to guide you for the Fillable Grading Form and you may also contact advisers and parent leaders when you need help.

For SHS, ABM and GAS Strands subjects will be listed in the Fillable Grading Form. New Grade 12 students will have their previous strands converted.

For Preschoolers, the PECD Checklist serves as the Progress Report Card.

At what age can I start homeschooling?

Children aged 2-3 years old are considered Nursery Level, while children aged 4 are Pre-Kinder. Aside from the Quarterly Study Guide, Nursery and Pre-Kinder students are provided with free learning materials and can join the engaging Preschool Volt in Events via Zoom. DepEd registration officially begins in Kinder when the child is 5 years old by the month/date indicated by DepEd. Students need to be at least 6 years old for Grade 1.

Can I still homeschool even if I have a job?

Definitely. No matter your situation, it is possible to homeschool with thoughtful planning and creativity. Of course, it requires commitment and at times, sacrifice, but once you have adjusted, it becomes easier and you will see it will all be worth it. You can dedicate less time for academic facilitating on workdays and more time when you are off work. Depending on your schedule, you can teach between 1-3 hours, on specific days when it is right for your family. You will discover daily, ordinary events as opportunities for teaching and cherish the moments you spend together as a family. 

What are the benefits of victorious homeschooling?

Parents choose to homeschool to actively monitor and teach their children because of various reasons. Aside from the freedom, flexibility and affordability of homeschooling, many choose to do it because of the importance they place on being together as a family and a way to avoid the pressure to conform to norms not aligned with the family's belief system.

What are the usual challenges of homeschooling?

For many first-time homeschooling parents, challenges include the feeling of inadequacy in teaching academics, the fear of not teaching enough or beneath standards, and the overwhelm of trying to accomplish so many things at once. After some time, many of these parents attest that the whole process of homeschooling gets better. Recognizing that each family is unique and steering away from unhealthy comparison help you appreciate your own accomplishments, no matter how little or slow you think these achievements are. With the right support and a whole lot of faith, homeschooling can be done victoriously.

What about socialization?

The past years limited personal interactions, but under normal circumstances, students would have been involved in activities like sports, theater, special classes, family events, and others where friendships and skills are developed. But overall, really, homeschooling kids learn to socialize and relate vertically with parents and adults, and horizontally with siblings, and friends in their circle. For now, Zoom or Volt In meetings with teachers, parent leaders and fellow students provide creative virtual socialization opportunities and learning experiences.

How do I know if I am qualified to teach my child?

More than academic qualification, parents should have willingness to learn and commit to educating their child. Most parents do not have a teaching degree, and yet are able to teach their children successfully. 

Please feel free to message or call us if you have questions. 


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