VICTORIOUS ONLINE LEARNING TECH-INTERFACE is a Learning Management System that aligns with the MATATAG curriculum and globally relevant lessons. It is designed with the homeschooler in mind, allowing flexibility in readiness and pacing. 

Is the VOLT-In LMS easy to use?

The VOLT-In LMS provides unlimited access of the lesson content of the subjects for the whole academic year. Parent Teachers and homeschool learners need not be technically savvy to be able to use the VOLT-In LMS, as the interface is very simple and easy to use. It is easy to navigate and manage. Many young students who are oriented and guided can use it independently.

What are the benefits of using the VOLT-In LMS?

There are so many benefits such as having organized lesson plans, ready-to-use teaching material, and a constantly updated content. But one distinct advantage of the VOLT-In LMS is its feature of flexible access because we understand that children are not always on-level at the grade they are enrolled in. 

How is this flexible navigation advantageous?

Except for Kinder, Parent-teachers and learners can navigate at least three grade levels of content that allow reviewing of concepts or advanced studying. You always hear the statement, "Meet children where they are." This can refer to so many aspects, but more so in academics. What is amazing about the VOLT-In LMS is that you can have access to the whole lesson content one grade level below and one grade level above of your child's enrolled level. For example, if your child is in Grade 3, you can have access to Grade 2 and Grade 4 lesson contents for the whole school year. That is three levels for the price of one! 

How about Quizzes and Tests?

As parent-teachers, you are the sole provider of your child's grades. VOLT-In LMS provides so much convenience by making available interactive quizzes after the lessons. The platform also automatically stores the scores of your child, so you don't worry about forgetting them before you transfer scores to the Fillable Grading Form.

What makes VOLT-In LMS homeschool-friendly?

Homeschooling champions freedom and flexibility. With the VOLT-In LMS, you can meet both your child’s and your needs as the parent-teacher or guardian. It is your go-to resource for a safer, more effective, peaceful learning environment. You will enjoy uninterrupted learning without pop-up ads or inappropriate content.