Meet Hlen Villena

Unlocking the Potential of Homeschooling with a Dedicated Expert using R.I.C.E. (Research, Intuition, and Collective Experience) and Science-Based Parenting.

About Hlen Villena

Hlen is a neurolanguage specialist and a remarkable Homeschool Consultant, known for her extensive educational background, diverse credentials, and deep commitment to empowering families on their homeschooling journey. With a unique blend of expertise, she has become a trusted resource for parents seeking to provide an effective learning environment for their children. Moreover, she is consulted by schools in their homeschooling permit application process and sought as a partner in the program implementation.

Credentials and Background

  1. UP College of Education Graduate: Hlen's educational foundation was established at the prestigious UP College of Education. Her solid academic grounding forms the cornerstone of her expertise.

  2. Brain-based Learning: Hlen is a passionate advocate of brain-based learning strategies, which incorporate neuroscience principles into education. Her deep understanding of how the brain functions in the learning process allows her to tailor educational approaches for maximum effectiveness.

  3. Parenting Neurodiverse Kids: Recognizing the diversity of learning needs, Hlen also guides parents who homeschool neurodiverse children. Her insights and strategies are invaluable for creating inclusive and supportive learning environments.

  4. Research Consultancy for NES Graduate Students: Hlen's experience extends to research consultancy for graduate students. She helps aspiring educators make meaningful contributions to the field of education.

  5. Academic Coaching for Home-based Learners: With over a decade of homeschooling experience, Hlen excels in academic coaching for home-based learners. She understands the unique challenges and rewards of homeschooling, providing guidance tailored to each family's needs. With this background, she understood the pain points of homeschooling parents that helped Hlen create the Umbrella School for the homeschool system.

  6. Academic-based Musical Theater: Hlen incorporates the arts into education with a focus on academic-based musical theater. Although she has been doing this since 1999, she only started directing and coaching homeschool students in 2015. This creative approach enhances learning while fostering a love for the arts.

  7. Certifying Teachers via Distance Learning: Hlen's commitment to education extends globally as she certifies teachers in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) through distance learning. Long before Covid 19, she has trained and supported remote learners using educational technology through her partnership with London Teacher Training College. This background has been her springboard in her freelance homeschool consultancy practice since 2014, which expanded into partnering with schools and institutions to create an umbrella school for homeschool system.

A Homeschooling Mom for Over a Decade

One of Hlen's most endearing qualities as a Homeschool Consultant is her role as a homeschooling mom to her daughters for more than 10 years. Her personal experience adds a layer of empathy and understanding that sets her apart. She knows the joys and challenges of homeschooling intimately, having homeschooled her child, who is an Ateneo passer and UP student thriving in her studies and career. This connection allows her to provide genuine, empathetic guidance to fellow parents.

A True Educator and Leader

Hlen Villena's unique blend of credentials, coupled with her extensive homeschooling experience, makes her one of the best homeschool consultants in the field. She brings a deep understanding of education, a passion for neurodiversity and inclusion, and a commitment to fostering a love for learning through innovative approaches. With Hlen and the Victorious Homeschool team, you can come home to a homeschooling journey with confidence, knowing you have a true expert with her responsive and compassionate team of teachers, IT officers, and staff. 

Whether you are a parent just beginning or seeking to enhance your current homeschooling experience or a school who needs a complete guidance in starting your homeschool program, Hlen's expertise and heartfelt dedication are the keys to home education success.